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Pickering Football Club (PFC) promotes a positive and dynamic environment which aligns with Long Term Player Development principles and is underscored by the Four Corner Model for development. This gives us the best chance of ensuring the potential in each player, coach, and match official meets with their actuality.  In order for us to achieve our goal, we must educate coaches and parents on the importance of a “Player Centered” philosophy in everything we do.

Our Technical Program Values:

  1. Excellence, through regular reflection and incremental changes to the way we do business each day, whether on the field or off the field.
  2. Inclusive, through a wide range of programs that meet the needs of the whole community and seeks out opportunities to engage more members.
  3. Engaging, through great programs and dynamic coaches that bring the game to life and instill a passion for the game that carries on outside of the Club environment.
  4. Progressive, through the refinement of internal processes, delivery of new technical programs, and creative ways in which we can do business.

As we have grown, the Pickering Football Club has shown itself to be an essential and indispensable component of our community, providing;

  • Diverse activities that respond to the interests and needs of children, youth and families in Pickering.
  • Welcoming to people from all economic backgrounds and cultures reflecting the true multi-cultural nature of our sport.
  • Safe and vibrant places where children, youth and adults can learn, play and have fun.
  • A sense of personal belonging and achievement for Coaches, Players and Match Officials.

We are committed to building character, wellness, and fellowship through programs that promote moral and ethical values, and we make every effort to be a leading family advocate in the community.  Our youth are encouraged to participate in leadership roles; roles that will enable them to make a positive contribution to our growing community.

“Developing a Culture of Excellence”