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Facility Portal

How to Use the Portal

Through the portal, you will be able to see what events are booked at the facility, via View Facility Calendar.  For example, if you want to find out when Drop-In Soccer is running at the Dome, you can check the calendar.  No user account logon is required.

Using View Facility Availability, you will be able to search the by facility, date, time, and field, room or track.  Once you determine the availability, please submit an email request for the time slot you are interested in to  No user account logon is required.

To enter the portal, click the "Pickering Soccer Centre Portal" button/link below.


You will not be able to create an account in the portal. 

No request or inquiry should be considered as a booking without formal acceptance from PSC booking staff.

Please email for assistance.

As an alternative to the portal, you may submit an inquiry for more facility information or request staff check availability for you by using the button/link below.