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RE-USE and OPTIMIZE your PFC/National Sports Association Support Program Membership

By PFC, 02/19/20, 7:30PM EST


Pickering Football Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving Pickering and the surrounding communities.  A key component of our PFC mission is to promote “A lifelong love of the game to enhance social, physical, and mental well-being.”  As a non-profit, we look for ways to fundraise in support of our innovative and inclusive programming.

In conjunction with National Sports, we offer each of our registrants’ a membership in the Association Support Program.  PFC Members receive a card with a detachable $10 off coupon that comes in handy for the new cleats or to replace those lost shin pads!

On the back of the card, there is a UPC barcode that the cashiers will scan EACH TIME YOU SHOP AT NATIONAL SPORTS!  5% of the total spend accumulated is rewarded to the Pickering FC at the end of the program.  

That 5% helps us buy new equipment – things that need replacing year after year – nets, mesh, cones, balls, etc.

Please, make sure you keep and present your member card each time you shop!  Your support of your local club makes all the difference! 

Thank you!