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How To Be A Good Youth Sports Spectator

By Reproduced from Sports Engine, 02/01/21, 12:30PM EST


The Covid-19 Pandemic has seen our children deal with an ongoing period of challenges to our physical and mental health. 

Over the past year children have seen a school year finish away from the classroom and another school year split between in person and virtual learning because of trying to find ways to protect them from the virus.  Throw in 12 months of limited physical activity and not being able to get on the pitch to kick the soccer ball in a team environment and it has been a very challenging time for our youth. 

As such, as we hopefully move towards getting back to play in the next few months, we as adults and parents need to remember how important soccer is to our kids and that we really need to focus on doing what we need to do to make sure that the return to play is a fun one for them. 

The below link will take you to a short article that will provide some tips and some reminders on how to be a good youth sports spectator.