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2021 All Abilities Lucas MacIsaac Volunteer Scholarship

By PFC Staff, 07/19/21, 9:00PM EDT


Congratulations Aubergine!!!

July 19, 2021

Today we remember Lucas MacIsaac, our All Abilities friend and dedicated volunteer. We celebrate Lucas’ life and the impact he made on our All Abilities Program and our Pickering Football Club. To honour Lucas, we have established the All Abilities Lucas MacIsaac Volunteer Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to 1 All Abilities volunteer who embodies the spirit of Lucas. We are so happy to announce that our long-time volunteer Aubergine Prue has been selected as our first scholarship recipient. 

Aubergine,  will be attending Fleming College this year to become a Developmental Service Worker as she prepares for a career as a Special Needs Teacher.  

“Working one on one with athletes for several years I was able to watch them flourish which formed me to the person I am today and pushed me to strive for the person I will be tomorrow. I have gained characteristics like determination, integrity, leadership, teamwork, creativity, patience, strength, resilience all of which I saw in Lucas. If I could only take one thing I’ve learned from working with Lucas it would be to never give up on your passion. Every time he walked onto that field he had the biggest smile and you could just feel the love he had for soccer and I will carry that on within my life and teach it to as many people as I can reach. The All Abilities Program has been a huge part of my life for so long I couldn’t imagine a better way to motivate me for college than to get that push from the program that inspired me to have a career in this field. I have made forever friends with volunteers and athletes, I am grateful for all the opportunities presented, thank you for your consideration, Aubergine Prue”.

Aubergine has volunteered with our program with well over 400 hours under her belt. During the last year, she has continued to be part of our weekly virtual programming and as of this week, has joined us for our summer outdoor program - inspiring and challenging athletes on the field. 

We would like to thank the MacIsaac family for making this scholarship possible. 

“We are so pleased and honoured to see a club that meant so much to Lucas award a scholarship in his name.  We hope that as you learn about Lucas’ life and the deserving recipient you take a minute to reflect on how you can improve the world by giving time and effort to helping others”   Lucas’ family

Congratulations Aubergine!