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By PFC Staff, 01/29/23, 4:15PM EST


The same game challenge is a step-by-step process that supports organizations in getting knowledge about gender equity. This program will help the Club to find new strategies to grow the interest and incorporation of women and girls in sports, specifically in soccer (picket ball as well based on the new facility features), and improve those programs that the Club runs currently. 

PFC is one of the 40 selected organizations in the country, to participate in this program which is led by Canadian Women & Sport. A fact that will position the Club as the most qualified CSO’s in the Durham Region in gender equity in sport.  

According to Canadian Women & Sports’  first communication, from January 2023 until July 2023, PFC will go through the seven stages of the program, meet and work closely with your Same Game Challenge coach, and collaborate with other like-minded organizations participating in the program.