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Open House/Trials

Please register for the trials before 5pm on Friday

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are a currently registered OPDL player with another club, you must complete the OPDL Trial Permission Form (available during the registration process).

If necessary, you are free to contact our Director of Soccer Operations David Benning for additional OPDL Information on trials.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure you review the League1 Ontario Policy for Trials/Tryouts --->

To all players past and future,

Pickering FC will be operating in League 1 for both Men and Women for the 2023 Summer Season. With the expectation of the league kicking off in the last week of April, the team will begin training on March 3, 2023 as indicated on this page. The main reason for this decision is to allow all players to return and have maximum numbers available for training.

A number of players have contacted Dave Benning, Hollie Babut and Barry Donnelly directly and had a discussion regarding the direction of the teams for the 2023 season. As our competitors are pressuring players to sign with them in January or indicating Pickering FC will not have a team, I can assure everyone the information is false and WE WILL have teams for the 2023 season. League 1 Office is well aware of all the documents submitted back in December of 2022 indicating our full intentions of participating.

The League 1 Office will have a full license holders meeting on Saturday January 7th, 2023 in St. Catherines which Dave Benning, Director of Soccer Operations will attend and vote on any matters at hand on behalf of the Club. Following the meeting he will be well aware of the on goings of the league and be able to prepare for a meeting in February 2023.

Pickering FC is creating an effective plan with the necessary team goals in collaboration with the players in February to ensure the players have the opportunity to see the vision for the 2023 season and voice any suggestions they might have.  This also contributes to the full buy-in of the program, including setting practice nights and times which will support the teams as a whole. Setting up the schedule now is only a temporary measure as the league has not provided a first draft of the schedule which is to come in February 2023.

Just a quick reminder for everyone....

STRP's or Trial / Try out forms are required for ALL participants in any League1 tryouts.

We have attached the Appendix P from the 2022 Operations/Game Day Manual:

In short, if a player is currently registered with Ontario Soccer for either 2022-23 indoor or 2023 outdoor an STRP is not requiredhowever they are required to complete the trial form, their registration will be verified by the office, if they are not registered to a sanctioned club/league they will require an STRP.


There are additional restrictions as outlined in the Appendix. Please review carefully.

If there are any questions or concerns please reach out directly to Dave Benning, Director of the Soccer Operations for Pickering FC .

Page Updated on: January 3, 2023