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Outdoor 2024


The following age divisions are full as of June 7:

  • U4 Coed Woodlands
  • U6 Boys Woodlands & Creekside
  • U7/U8 Boys Woodlands & Creekside
  • U7/U8 Girls Woodlands & Creekside
  • U9/U10 Boys Monday & Thursday
  • U11/U12 Boys & Girls
  • U13/U14/U15 Boys
  • U16/U17/U18 Coed

2024 Outdoor Programs

The Pickering Football Club (PFC) will be offering age specific programs for players born from 2006 to 2021.  In addition, the Club will be once again running an Adult Women’s Recreational League on Sunday evenings.

The PFC has built our recreational programs around the Ontario Soccer Recreational Matrix to create programs that follow the guidelines of Long-Term Player Development and Canadian Sport for Life.  By doing this, Pickering FC is able to provide the programming that will give the players an Active Start to the game, provide them with the Fundamentals of the sport, Learn to Train to encourage them to challenge themselves and help them enjoy Soccer For Life.

Pickering FC takes into account that it is the Kids’ game and they are allowing us into their game!  Let’s give our youth members the best experience possible so that they can learn to fall in love with the game!

The link below will take you to the Ontario Soccer Recreational Matrix so you can see the building blocks for the Pickering FC’s programs.

Equal Playing Time for Recreational

The major aim of the Pickering Football Club is to promote, develop, and govern the game of soccer in the City of Pickering.  One of the ways to achieve this is to provide equal playing time for all players participating in our Recreational/House League program.  All Directors, Coordinators and Coaches should ensure that this policy is followed.  We ask that parents monitor this policy as it applies to their child/children.  If a parent believes that their child is not being treated fairly, they should discuss their concern(s) with his/her coach.  Should the concern(s) not be effectively addressed, the parent should contact (in writing) the appropriate house league director.

Page Updated on: January 31, 2024