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University Program

OPDL University Program

The academic portion of the program is staffed and supported by the Pickering Football Club and Student Athletes Game Plan. The program consists of the following seminars and workshops:

Grade 8 – U14
•    Orientation to the recruiting process and being a student athlete at a post-secondary school

Grade 9 – U15
•    Marketing yourself to college coaches
•    Timeline, NCAA guidelines, rules and information (grade 9 specific)
•    Creating your athletic portfolio

Grade 10 – U16
•    Timeline, NCAA guidelines, rules and information (grade 10 specific)
•    Academic requirements for NCAA, OUA and CIS schools
•    Are you NCAA eligible?  Courses taken and needed
•    SAT/ACT Prep Course

Grade 11 – U17
•    Marketing yourself to college coaches – review
•    Timeline, NCAA guidelines, rules and information (grade 11 specific)

Grade 12 – U18
•    Timeline, NCAA guidelines, rules and information (grade 12 specific)
•    A day in the life of an University student athlete
For more information, feel free to contact our Club Head Coach.

CANADIAN SITES  – MacLean’s Magazine website, which includes Canadian College and University rankings section.  – National website for the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS).  All sports represented.  – Website that features stories, news and rankings on cross-country, track and field, wresting and swimming in Canadian Universities. – Ontario University Sport.– Canadian University Sport.

U.S. SITES – Main website for the NCAA  – Includes online SAT registration, testing dates and study tips.  – No recruiting information, but a great website on all of the NCAA Championship sports and news. – List of all Division 1 Soccer Conferences and divisions including contact information. – A great database and search engine for finding out information about colleges and universities specific to your choice. – U.S. News and World Report’s website, which includes U.S. College and University rankings section.